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Dr. Hosseini is a professor
in embryology and has been
working in IVF since 1990. 
He does research in the field 
of preimplantation embryo,
stem cells, and tissue engineering.

He was the key figure in the establishment of many IVF clinics and research centers including; Royan Institute, the Mehr Institute, Kosar Infertility Clinic, the Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center, the Fertility and Infertility Research Center.

He has also assisted in establishing a number of infertility wards for hospitals, including infertility wards in Alvand Hospital, Taleghani Hospital, Mahdiah Hospital and Valiasr Hospital.

He has many years of experience in both establishing new laboratories and helping functioning laboratories in increasing their success rate. He is an expert in cost effective set-up and management of IVF clinics.