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  Laboratory Design:

We provide institutes
with detailed laboratory
designs for infertility clinics,
IVF units, cryobanks,
and andrology labs.
We can also assist you
in purchasing the equipment
required for your lab.

  Staff Training:

IVF TODAY offers staff training to infertility clinics. We offer training in the most up-to-date embryology culture techniques, including oocyte and embryo handling, sperm preparation, ICSI, micromanipulation, cryopreservation, and blastocyst culture.

Operation and Start-up Counseling:

Counselling is available for starting-up and operating a successful IVF Laboratory. We will help you and your staff in creating a laboratory that can offer the full range of IVF procedures, including ICSI, cryoperservation, PGD.

  Laboratory Manual Writing:

IVF TODAY can provide you
with comprehensive,
step-by-step manuals,
that will help your staff in
operating the laboratory.
These manuals can help you
in implementing the newest
techniques, and the most
effective methods in your
IVF lab.


If your laboratory runs in to a problem, We will be happy to provide you with help. Contact us and we will assist you in choosing the best possible solution.


Inspections of laboratory procedures are important for keeping a clinic running smoothly. IVF TODAY can give you suggestions for improving the efficiency of your lab long-term solutions that will help you increase your rate of success.